Chon Buri Real Estate Market on the Rise in 2024

Chon Buri's Real Estate Market on the Rise in 2024

The real estate sector in Chon Buri is significant growth in 2024, driven by increasing foreign interest in condominiums. This growth comes despite a substantial influx of new property developments. Vichai Viratkapan, the acting director-general of the Real Estate Information Center, has highlighted Chon Buri's appeal to condo buyers and developers, attributing it to the region's vibrant tourism and expanding industrial sectors.


Chon Buri, a gem in Thailand's real estate crown, is witnessing an unprecedented surge in its residential market. As we step into 2024, the region stands out as a beacon of growth, attracting investors and homeowners alike with its luxurious condos and vibrant lifestyle.

Thailand's real estate crown


The Allure of Chon Buri

Nestled along Thailand's eastern seaboard, Chon Buri offers a blend of serene beaches, bustling city life, and a thriving industrial hub. Its strategic location makes it a hotspot for real estate investments, promising both leisure and business opportunities.


A Market Driven by Foreign Interest

The year 2024 marks a turning point for Chon Buri's real estate, with foreign investors showing a keen interest in the condo market. The region's ability to attract a diverse group of buyers and developers is a testament to its robust infrastructure and potential for high returns on investment.

The Condo Boom Despite the introduction of numerous new projects

The Condo Boom

Despite the introduction of numerous new projects, the demand for condos in Chon Buri remains high. Areas like Jomtien, Bang Saen-Nongmon-Bang Phra, and Bangsaray are leading the sales charts, showcasing the region's capacity to absorb new residential units effectively.


Challenges and Opportunities

While the market is booming, challenges such as unsold units and intense competition persist. Developers are urged to exercise caution and strategize their launches to align with the market's dynamics.

redefine luxury living in Thailand


The Future of Chon Buri Real Estate

Looking ahead, the momentum in Chon Buri's real estate market is expected to continue. With careful planning and a focus on sustainable development, the region is ready to redefine luxury living in Thailand.



In conclusion, Chon Buri's real estate market is more than just a temporary trend; it's a movement towards a future where luxury, culture, and investment potential converge. As we embrace 2024, the real estate landscape in Chon Buri is not just surging—it's soaring.


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