Healthy Alliance: Thai-US Partnership Boosts Healthcare Investments in EEC

Healthy Alliance: Thai-US Partnership Boosts Healthcare Investments in EEC

A joint venture between Thailand and the United States aims to enhance investments in the healthcare and medical sectors within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). This strategic initiative focuses on supporting healthcare services for both aging and young populations while promoting targeted industries.


The Context

Thailand is experiencing a demographic shift, transitioning into an aged society where individuals over 60 years old constitute over 20% of the country's 71 million populace. To ensure sustainable medical services, increased investment and the adoption of new technological advancements for medical examinations and treatments are crucial.

US-Thailand Healthcare Workshop

US-Thailand EEC Healthcare Workshop

During the two-day US-Thailand Healthcare Workshop, co-organized by the American Chamber of Commerce and the US Trade and Development Agency, experts discussed ways to foster the development of Thailand's healthcare industry especially in EEC. The workshop concluded on April 4, 2024.

US Investment in EEC-Healthy Alliance

US Investment in EEC

The United States currently holds the position of the third-largest investor within the EEC in terms of value. American entrepreneurs have invested a total of 44 billion baht across various industries. The focus now includes attracting new investors, especially in the medical and healthcare sector.

Notable US Companies

Notable US Companies

Several US healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have already invested in Thailand. Notable examples include:

  1. Baxter: A global leader in medical products and services.
  2. Johnson & Johnson: Renowned for its healthcare products and innovations.
  3. Organon (Thailand): Specializes in reproductive medicine for women.

Source: [Thaiger]

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